The Bestiary


A wealth of strange creatures; ancient monsters and man made creations roam the world of Bloodfest. The Hidden Government Army are tasked to fight them using their extraordinary abilities, and records have been kept detailing both common and uncommon encounters.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms used, you can examine a glossary int the World of Bloodfest.



Encountered in: Bloodfest

Zombies image.jpg

Brought back to life when a lost soul finds a human corpse and inhabits it. The lost soul quickly transmutes its Auralithalic structure into a fluid resembling blood, and reanimates the corpse by coursing through it.

It is noted that through this process, blood will leave the destroyed body violently, despite the zombie not having a heartbeat.

Zombies adapt a feral existence. The lost soul possessing it only wishes to live again, but a corruption has taken place, leaving the soul and the zombie with only the primal instincts to hunt and eat.

A commonly encountered monster on record and easily dispatched, there has never been a vast outbreak as encountered in Tristel City on the Pacoven Island of Entertainment. The zombie rising was thought to have started on a neighbouring island, in the town of Dedmar.




Super Humans

Encountered in: Bloodfest


Devised as a Perfect Army experiment in 2010, volunteers for the project were subjected to massive strength enhancements and mutations to their natural Auralithalic design. Their skin has turned purple due to a massive increase in bloodflow throughout their body. The result was an initial failure, and the Super Humans rampaged through the K Lab and murdered most of the staff. A deliberate sabotage to the experiment was suspected, and the Super Humans have been pacified for further investigation before the project is renewed.





Kezyrek the Watcher

Encountered in: Call of the Conjurer


A guardian monster, summoned into being by an unknown person. It was encountered by Sierra Squad.

Kezyrek appeared at the Pasture, the unmarked burial site for fallen Hidden Government soldiers. It had a body made of black liquid, and was impervious to gunfire. Only magics and traditional weaponry could take it down.






Encountered in: Typhoon of Fire


Concept piece for Zaratax. (2014)

Void born monster that had stepped into our world, appearing at the Huayna Potosi mountain range in Bolivia.

A lumbering giant comprised of dark energy, something had attracted the monster to the area. It’s presence in the world was causing Auralithalic anomalies, quickly detected by the Hidden Government Air Force.

November Squad were charged with urgently destroying the beast before a complete study of it could take place.






The Waldgeist

Encountered in: Call of the Conjurer


Concept design of the Waldgesit long before Call of the Conjurer was drafted (2004).

A wood spirit encountered in Holland, summoned into being by an unknown spell caster.

Created when the roots of ordinary tree, running underground, entwine with buried human remains. If the spirit of that person still lingers, it will fuse with the tree and draw energy from it.

The human remains must be destroyed to stop a Waldgeist from returning.



Encountered in Typhoon of Fire


Korrigan design during the writing of Typhoon of Fire (2014).

Sirens usually confined to the dark sea trenches. A school of them made their way into the sewers of Paris, where their used their charming magics to lure local workers into the depths.

Weissrot Mutant

Encountered in Typhoon of Fire

The result of  rogue experiment, combing human and plant life to create immortal beings. Headed by Dr Weissrot, local people around the Malaysian region of Sabah were kidnapped and subjected to tests. When the Malaysian military investigated, they too were brought in and experimented on, creating monsters with battle experience.

The Unknown

Encountered in Call of the Conjurer

Unknown (colour).jpgThe limb of some enormous creature summoned into our world. Captain Mason and his team had to stop the ritual before the giant being made itself known.