Bloodfest Merchandise Now Available

The heading says it all. Many items, including t-shirts, note books, phone covers, posters and face masks are now available to buy through

Bloodfest logo designs:


Bloodfest logo designs, without text:




Uncovering the Cover • Bloodfest

The book cover for Bloodfest went through several stages to create.

  • Sketches of the main features; the body and skull. The hands were added separately later on.
  • Colouring and layering.

Two Skulls

  • The scythe and hands going over the torso were added later so that their size and position could be adjusted perfectly. In fact the scythe blade is a 3D render, allowing me to fine tune the angle to fit the space on the cover.
  • Different layers for colour, shading and effects.

Simple Reaper 2Simple Reaper 3Simple Reaper 4

  • Finally the atmosphere is adjusted; contrast, brightness and colour overlay, to create an appropriately dark and foreboding Reaper.

Bloodfest Cover Art hUGE no tetx