Character Bios: Damian Hassler

He’s like a movie action hero… with the creative imagination of a ten year old boy. Some say Damian can make anything into a lethal weapon, and he certainly does try.

00005 Damian Hassler

Damian is a master of weapons. He has a destructive streak and a wickedly creative mind. Born in 1987 and growing up in East London, Damian was barely raised by his dad, and never even met his mother. It is suggested that something out of the ordinary happened between his parents; to the extent that his dad refuses to talk about it and appears afraid of bringing it up.

In his youth, Damian spent as much time as he could at his cousin Ace’s house. He was at ease there, and happy filled the niche of ‘annoying small child who breaks everything but gets away with it because the older child takes responsibility’. Despite this, Ace put up with him quite willingly. Ace’s friend Shimon Arkasone was round often, and Damian had terrific fun terrorising him physically; but only because Shimon always fought back.

Damian still looks up to his older, wiser cousin, but is reluctant to admit that. He pretends not to have feelings at the risk of appearing weak. He is utterly non-politically correct and quite content with that. He hates authority, only listening to those who he respects.

He often mocks people, or lashes out with his short temper, but usually feels bad about it if he respects them. Damian wants to be liked, and he looks out for the people he cares about.

Damian confronted the teenagers, clutching his rocket launcher and staring them down his fiery brown eyes, almost alight with fire.

“Move,” he grunted.

“Who’s this big fella?” Will whimpered.

“He’s my cousin, Damian,” Ace answered.

“Ok. Why’s he looking at me like he wants to pull my head off?”

Ace couldn’t help but smirk. “He does that to everyone. Don’t worry about it.”

“Just don’t make any sudden movements around him…” Shimon grinned.

While Damian possesses magical abilities, like all Hidden Government soldiers; Weapon crafting is his primary focus. He wants to create the most dangerous tools known to mankind, no matter how ridiculous they may be and has certainly succeeded more than once. He enjoys making bombs, challenging himself to come up with more elaborate designs. Detonating these things is the ultimate pay off. Damian loves explosions. It is a form of art to him. His greatest joy however is modifying the RPG, to see what else can be ‘rocket propelled’ to good effect. Some of his best efforts include the RPNB (Rocket Propelled Nail Bomb), the RPBFOA (Rocket Propelled Beaker Full of Acid), and the RPBOLOT (Rocket Propelled Box of Liquid Oxygen and Thermite).

Damian is not a force of nature. He is something else. Damian actually thinks before he acts, which does not mean he necessarily thinks with much consideration for trifling things such as property damage, cost of repair, mental anguish, etc. His mind is on getting the job done, and his objective always involves creating the biggest explosion possible.

He just does what the voices in his head tell him to do, whoever those guys are.

004 Damian Character Sheet

Creation Facts:

  • Damian’s character was clearly inspired by any action movie you’ve ever seen, but also pretty much every character portrayed by Adrian Edmondson in the 80’s and 90’s.
  • I feel that, despite his temperament and aggression, Damian often speaks for the audience. He is usually the first character to speak up in protest when things don’t make sense. He often demands further explanation when plot points or key moments of the series pop up, barking off a short “Explain,” for clarification. He’s a great narrative device in that sense.
  • Damian also pulls a lot of faces to express his thoughts, despite this being a written medium. That’s just part of his character though – he’s a rule breaker; a truly metaphysical rule breaker.