Character Bios: Leum Tollad

A large hearted medic and mage who talks little about himself, leaving many to wonder just how on earth he qualified for military service.

00010 Leum Tollad

Leum Tollard was born in Oklahoma, and has a well documented family tree. He is well aware of having Cherokee and Scandinavian roots, and has a keen interest in world history and culture.  Staying faithful to his family upbringing, Leum  is a devoted Unitarian Christian and has maintained a quiet, hopeful attitude throughout his life.

Leum is a soft, weebly sort of fellow. He has a light, ‘airy’ voice and a gentleness unsuited for the battlefield. He possesses the power of Healing Hands – the ability to mend wounds and treat small illnesses with his palms – and a strong affinity to Wind magic. Given his preference pacifism and obviously weight / health problems; the details of his Awakening and recruitment into the Hidden Government Army remain a closely guarded secret…

…By us.

Ever since the character’s creation for the original home movie in 1998, myself and James were in agreement that Leum’s backstory should remain a mystery. Small snippets will occasionally slip out throughout the series, but they will only serve to add more confusion.

Naturally, Leum clashes with team mate Damian Hassler frequently; the latter hurling insults about Leum’s obesity, positive outlook and haircut; while Leum quietly ignores him. He seems infested, even finding humour in the abuse, but no one is sure how he really feels.

Damian will admit that he likes Leum really. Everybody likes Leum. He is a natural healer who wishes to help everyone and stay upbeat, though Leum can be meandering and clumsy at times. Despite the occasional blunder, Delta Squad know they are lucky to have him around and will readily side Leum to support him.

007 Leum Character Sheet

Creation Notes:

  • In the original movie, Leum was more of a comic foil.
    He was really stupid, basically.
    That’s all been wiped away, and Leum in the book series in considerably smarter. He may or may not have a diploma in some kind of culture histories study.
  • I don’t know honestly.
  • Leum is a complete enigma.
  • Some of his backstory involves being part of a biker gang, being an Aid Worker in Africa, having a wife, and being an alcoholic.
  • He is twenty six years old during Typhoon of Fire
  • Leum has had the same haircut his entire life.

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