What is Bloodfest? (Part 2)

===Part 1 Here.===

Over the years, the models and sets got better. I cannot find the actual VHS tapes of the later Bloodfest sequels, but I do still have the models.

No longer articulate with their bendy paper clip armatures, all that remains of the Bloodfest movies is a box of body parts. It’s very appropriate really.

Damn, what a mess.

After that had all settled down, I discovered the Enterbrain RPGMaker. Oh no.

BF game screenshot 1 BF game screenshot 2BF game screenshot 3 BF game screenshot 4

BF game screenshot 5 BF game screenshot 6

Oh yes. A 2D, turn based battle RPG with midi music with a lot of the original assets heavily edited. Ace Mcdagger, Captain of a special forces unit, arrives on a secret, government controlled island to clear out a horde of the undead. Along the way Delta Squad discover the ruins of ancient civilisations; whispers of a force  known The Ultimate Evil, and remnants of a war that took place thousands of years ago.

A war that may still be going on, waiting for Ace and a chosen few to take up arms and settle it once and for all.

There was a lot of work to do, and I was more focused on making the little character sprites and drawing as many unique monsters as possible. No damn palette swaps in my game.

BF game screenshot 7

Shout out to DJ Zombie.

BF game screenshot 8

It’s not all doom and gloom.

The game was more or less finished, except for the lack of original music and the fact that nobody really knew about it. James and Aaron gave it a spin, for a bit, but they didn’t have the 50+ hours of free time to explore the sequestered Pacoven islands and find all the secrets.

Maybe this would do well as a mobile game.

Anyway, I still wasn’t done with Bloodfest. Clearly not, as the whole lot is in the works in book form. By 2003, University time, I was dabbling in 3D animation.

Ace, Sidney and Tina Cast Artwork

But to hell with re-animating this whole series like a Pixar movie. I know from being a Freelance Animator how long it takes to create a 3 minute music video or a 30 second ident, usually flying solo. Bloodfest would be impossible on the big screen, at least from my little desk all on my own.

After that, Bloodfest as a creation stayed resting for awhile. Maybe life got in the way. It still resided though. It stayed around as an idea. I kept going back to add little details into the game – new character quirks, updated dialogue, new ideas for sub-plots. I came up with concepts for expanded stories, all through the experience of growing older.

Bloodfest has always been there, but I hardly ever spoke about it. See, part of the thing about being me, is that sometimes it is nice to stay in and just be creative. I do creative things. And when I do go out, I don’t talk about it. That’s how anxiety works. It makes you feel ashamed for having a voice. I love what I do, but I won’t tell anyone about it who doesn’t know me very, very well. It’s a bit of a conundrum. I have an entire world, several even; given that I have other ideas for creative works away from Bloodfest, but they stay inside me. I want to express myself, but it won’t come out.

It’s taken many years to get this far, from the tumultuous playgrounds, heaps of coursework and the dirge of working adult life. I’ve been through bouts of depression and bereavement, and my voice is slowly coming out of hibernation All it wants to do is tell you about zombies, and super soldiers, and Super Humans, and ancient prophecies and government conspiracies and magic spells, and a group of unsung underdog heroes; all suffering with their own hang-ups and issues, who eventually succeed and save the day.

And I want to tell you a whole lot more, once I get there.

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