It Starts With An Introduction


If you have found this page then it was probably by accident or things are going well for the Bloodfest team.

Introductions are always fiddly, forced things. Sometimes it is best for facts to divulge over time. Sometimes they change along the way. I for one am an author named Ryan Grimbly. I am also a Freelance Digital Animator and a Run-Off Insurance Business Data Analyst.

I used to work in a factory, and once had a job being chase by satellites. At least they told me it was a real job. I had to wear a funny hat with an antenna linked to a GPS tracking device.

I’m sure some time in the future my job will have changed again. A job cannot define us; that’s why introductions can be hard. One of the first questions asked is usually ‘So, what do you do for a living?’

I live for a living. We all live for a living. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend – we watch a lot of films and play old video games. Over this weekend we watched Jacob’s Ladder and then Mr Magoo. We played one of the newer Silent Hill games and almost had time for Dr Mario.

I’m 30 now. I used to do a lot of going out, but not so much anymore. We’re saving up for a house and talking about mortgage plans. That seems to be what happens when you grow up, but you still hold on to childhood dreams.

My dream was always Bloodfest.

Wait… ok that sounds a bit sinister. Bloodfest was a claymation zombie comedy film me and my friends spent hours working on after school. Lots of monsters popping out of the floor and chomping on people, and the army have to wipe them all out. We were 11 and thought it was hilarious. Looking at the modern age where zombies and zombie comedy seems to be a thing that comes and goes continuously, I know we aren’t the only ones.

That’s enough for the moment. I’ll post a follow up introduction getting to the heart of the matter soon. I’ve written books, three in total, for the revitalised series. Re-awoken, re-risen if you will. My dream is still Bloodfest… the characters, the plot, the creatures and entire world has stuck with me and evolved with me.

And I want to share it with everybody. I want everybody to know Bloodfest.

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